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Many collections of fungi are included in general herbarium collections. To access these, see our list of on-line botanical collections. On-line microbial collections may also include data on fungi.

A more comprehensive list of sites dealing with fungi in general may be found at the WWW Mycology Virtual Library, while additional lichen resources may be found through the American Bryological and Lichenological Society.

Culture Collections
Banque Européenne des Glomales
Base de Dados Tropical, Brazil
Brazilian Catalogue of Strains
Bernice Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai'i
Canadian Collection of Fungal Cultures
Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, Netherlands
International Culture Collection of Arbuscular and VA Mycorrhizal Fungi (INVAM)
MSDN - Microbial Strain Data Network
Penn State Mycological Herbarium
Pennsylvania Fungi Database
University of Kansas Medical Center
Fungal Genetic Stock Center
Uppsala University Botanical Museum, Uppsala, Sweden
World Federation of Culture Collections, World Data Center on Microorganisms
Herbarium Catalogs
New York Botanical Garden
Macrofungi Catalog
Oregon State University Herbarium
Mycological Collections
U.S. National Fungus Collections
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Algae and fungi exsiccati
Lichen exsiccati
Lichen Herbarium
Type Specimen Database
University of Michigan Herbarium
Fungus Collection
Lichen Type Database
University of Minnesota Herbarium
Lichen specimen catalogs
Taxonomic References, Keys, Lists, and Bibliographies
Agaricales of Costa Rican Quercus Forests
Agaricales of the Hawaiian Islands
Base de Dados Tropical, Brazil
List of fungi recorded from Brazil
Common Fungi of the Bay Area
Database LICHEN
Kochi University, Japan: lichenology laboratory
Checklist of Japanese Lichens
Mushrooms of North Carolina
Myxomycetes Internet Guide
Plasmodiophorid Home Page
University of Illinois, Life Sciences Division
Freshwater Ascomycete Database
University of Tübingen
Digital Exsiccate of Fungi
University of Wisconsin, Madison
State of taxonomy of the genus Armillaria
Tom Volk's Fungi Center includes numerous images.
Zoosporic Fungi Online

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