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Educational Sites
Introduction to Phylogenetic Systematics, by Peter H. Weston & Michael D. Crisp
Journey Into Phylogenetic Systematics at UCMP
Phylogenetics Lab from the Virtual Paleobotany Lab
Willi Hennig Society's Cladistic Education
This site lists recent books, software and other resources.

Listservers & Mailing Lists
A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources (Lists & Groups)
BIO-AUTH (Taxonomic Authority)
CLASS-L (Classification)
Evolutionary Theory
MORPHMET (Morphometrics)
MUSE-L (Collections computerization)
PEET-L (Partnerships for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy)
TAXACOM (Biological systematics)


bionet.molbio.evolution (Archives)
sci.bio.evolution (Home Page)

Related Lists of Sites
Biodiversity Web Server
Biosystematics & Life Science Resources (BIOSIS)
Yahoo: Phylogenetics

Molecular Biology Links
Molecular Biology Jump Station
PCR Jump Station
The RNA World

The WWW Virtual Library
Biodiversity, Ecology, and the Environment
Biomolecular & Biochemical Databases
Developmental Biology

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