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This list contains many on-line exhibits, educational materials, guidebooks, and similar resources scattered all through the Web.

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Ashfall Fossil Beds State Park, Nebraska
Burgess Shale fossils
Charlotte, the Vermont Whale
Discovering Fossils, exploring the UK's ancient past
Diversification of Gulf/Caribbean Mangrove Communities through Cenozoic Time
Fossils of the Late Miocene, central California
Hadrosaurus foulkii, the world's first dinosaur skeleton
Iowa geology and paleontology exhibits from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Locomotion and Respiration in Marine Air-Breathing Vertebrates
A Last Interglacial Estuarine Deposit at Largs, New South Wales, Australia
Louisiana Fossils
The Mammoth Saga
A Mathematical Model for Mass Extinction
Mazon Creek Fossils
Mohawk Valley Fossils (Ordovician, New York)
Paleolimnology and Diatom pages
Paleontology in the Netherlands
Piltdown Man
Radiolarian Paleontology
Recent and Fossil Bryozoa
Southeast Alaska Paleontology
Thrinaxodon liorhinus CT scans, University of Texas at Austin
Timelines and Scales of Measurement

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