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Illinois State Museum
The Museum has two downloadable databases: FAUNMAP, a database of the distribution of late Quaternary mammal species in the United States; and the North American Pollen Database.

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
In addition to the software listed above, this program has many data sets available pertaining to paleoclimatology (mostly Quaternary).

San Diego Natural History Museum
The Department of Paleontology now has a searchable database of its collections of fossil vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants collected primarily from Mesozoic- through Cenozoic-aged sites in southern California and northern Baja California, Mexico (and more).

Software Lists
Geological Software from the University of Erlangen
Some programs of interest to the sedimentology-oriented paleontologist, along with others useful in different branches of geology. This site also has a list of other sites that offer freeware or shareware for use in the earth sciences.

NOAA Paleoclimatology Software
Free software for paleoecological data visualization and analysis. Also includes an annotated bibliography of additional software tools.

PaleoNet FTP Site
Part of the PaleoNet Pages, this is a list of downloadable free software for use by paleontologists and/or those interested in paleontology.

This site includes both programs and databases of interest to palynologists and micropaleontologists, which can either be downloaded directly or obtained on diskette free of charge. A service of the American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists.

Software Programs
This DOS program is designed to calculate the volume and surface areas of diatoms.

BugWare, Inc.
BugWare maintains an extensive library of paleontological software (for Windows 95/98/NT) to collect, store, graph, convert, etc. paleontological data.

PAZ Software
PAZ develops geological, biostratigraphic and earth science software solutions for the Mac OS.

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