For promoting communication about electronic databases in paleontology

The PDN originated from discussions at the 2001 North American Paleontological Convention

DISCUSSANTS: John Alroy, Catherine Badgley, Tony Barnosky, Kay Behrensmeyer, Marc Carrasco, Virginia Friedman, Russ Graham, Eric Grimm, Christine Janis, Roger Kaesler, Hannes Loeser, Charles Marshall, Ken McGwire, Ann Molineux, Hallie Sims, Una Smith, David Soller, Jessica Theodor, Bruce Wardlaw, John Wieczorek


This page currently resides on the UCMP server. Contact Tony Barnosky ( for questions.

LAST UPDATE Nov 12 2001

To add your site:

1. Make a page on your website that provides the basic information noted at right.

2. e-mail the URL to

3. Insert a link to this PDN page in your database home page.

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 Information Needed in Your Database Description


Name of Database

URL for your home page

URL for a basic information page (the one that has this information listed)

Purpose of this database (1 short paragraph)

Scope (e.g., age range, geographic area, included higher taxa)

Intended audience

Platform / Software

Data model (basic description of what fields are included and how fields are related - can include links to diagrams or a full explanation of the data model)

Terminology standards or conventions for data entry (can include links to pertinent glossaries, etc.)

Describe the database interface, query, and interpretive capabilities, and output format(s)

Extent of user support available

How long has the database existed?

Where does it reside?

How large is the database (e.g., number of records, tables, and/or attributes)

What institutional and/or financial support is associated with its maintenance?

What are the long-term maintenance plans?

Who is the person to contact about the database?