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Publications of the National Science Teachers Association. National Science Teachers Association   Gerry Wheeler
1840 Wilson
Arlington, VA 22201
Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science National Academies of Science "Explores why and how to include these [evolutionary] concepts in K-12." Patricia Morse
An Evolving Dialogue: Scientific, historical philosophical and theological perspectives on evolution, James B. Miller, editor Published by AAAS "This is a collection of articles providing an "across the board" view of the science and religion movement as it pertains to the scientific theory of evolution. Very helpful in explaining a number of Christian perspectives that accept evolution, plus providing a good introduction to evolution in chapters by scientists such as Futuyma, Ayala, Tattersall, Dyson, Gould, etc." Eugenie Scott
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Beak of the Finch Author Jonathan Weiner
Published by Vintage Books
"Especially engaging account of both the nature of biological fieldwork and the status of modern evolutionary thinking." Martin Nickels
Why We Get Sick Authors Randolph Neese and George Williams
Published by Vintage Books
"Strongly recommended by several college professors as especially engaging for students regarding the practical relevance of evolutionary biology to their own lives." Martin Nickels
Evolutionary Analysis Authors Scott Freeman and Jon Herron
P ublished by Prentice-Hall
"I used this book for a seminar course on evolution for senior biology majors. It models good pedagogy and good use of evolution as the central theme in biology." Joe McInerney
Evolution: Investigating the Evidence Published by the Paleontological Society;
"An exceptional resource on major evolutionary concepts. Several teacher workshops have been held by the PS and SVP under the same name." Judy Scotchmoor
Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science National Academy Press website
(reading and searching on-line)
"Information for teachers about teaching evolution and the nature of science." Jay Labov
Science and Creationism: A View from the National Academy of Sciences, 2nd ed. National Academy Press website
(reading on-line).
"Information and evidence about the validity of the theory of evolution." Jay Labov
At the Water's Edge Author Carl Zimmer
Published by Free Press
"An excellent survey of modern evolutionary theory, using 2 periods of vertebrate history 'at the water's edge': movement onto the land by the first amphibians and movement back to the sea by the ancestors of whales. Includes paleontology, developmental biology—lots of really great stuff." Eugenie Scott
Finding Darwin's God Author Ken Miller
Published by Harper Collins
"An excellent treatment of both the old and the new creationisms, plus Miller's personal reflections on being a practicing Christian who fully accepts evolution." Eugenie Scott
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Anthropology in the News
"Culls articles on anthro from a variety of popular media sources. Maintained by someone at Texas A&M. Fairly comprehensive, usually updated daily. Good resource for teachers and students on stories in the news." Andrea Dorfman
EurekAlert "Website for journalists and [restricted] public. Established by AAAS: public use includes non-embargoed press releases, announcements of meetings, awards, etc; restricted area for journalists has embargoed abstracts, press releases, etc." Andrea Dorfman
No Answers in Genesis!
"Answers objections to evolution. Counteracting creationist propaganda." Ken Miller
SciLINKS "Links between printed material and vetted websites. This is a resource for website producers, not for the frontline consumer." Gerry Wheeler
1840 Wilson
Arlington, VA 22201
National Center for Science Education Website "The ultimate experts." Judy Scotchmoor
UC Museum of Paleontology Web Exhibits
"Information on 'Diversity of Life Through Time', 'Geologic Time', and 'Evolution'. A rich resource on phylogenetics and geologic time. The evolution section is primarily historical with links to other excellent resources." Judy Scotchmoor
Tracking the Course of Evolution
"A very popular short course for teachers as part of the annual UCMP program. The website includes the program format, information from all presenters, and an informal E-volution Forum with input from teachers." Judy Scotchmoor
Learning from the Fossil Record

(Also in hard copy available from the Paleontological Society)

"A set of articles and classroom activities using paleontology to teach major concepts in science, including the nature of science and evolution." Judy Scotchmoor
Talk Origins Archive "A rich source of information about evolution and the evolution/creation controversy." Judy Scotchmoor
Science and Creationism: Resources about evolution and the nature of science "Sections of the website include, 'Statements from the National Academy of Sciences,' 'Science Organizations,' 'For Teachers,' 'Books and Videos,' 'Related Links and Resources,' and 'Suggest a Link or Resource.' Jay Labov
Joint Statement from the NRC, AAAS, and the NSTA regarding the Kansas Science Education Standards
"Statement and explanation for denying the Kansas Board of Education copyright permission to use sections of the National Science Education Standards (NRC), Benchmarks for Science Literacy (AAAS), and Pathways to Standards (NSTA) in the revised Kansas Science Standards that were accepted by the Board in August 1999." Jay Labov
The World of Richard Dawkins "Contains refutations by scientists of'intelligent design' arguments, plus responses from ID proponents. A very good place to get a lot of solid information." Eugenie Scott
Institute for Human Origins web site "Contains information on human evolution." Eugenie Scott
Becoming Human, a new web site by the Institute for Human Origins "Human evolution website being developed by the Institute of Human Origins that should be up and running in mid-March. I've seen a preview and it looks both helpful and comprehensive." Andrea Dorfman
Tree of Life
"Just about all that is known about the tree of life—contributed to by a variety of scientists." Eugenie Scott
New Mexicans for Science and Reason website "Frequent news updates on science news stories, includingevolution/creationism; examinations of creationist claims by J. Wells, J.Sarfati, R. Humphreys, and others; Evolution Links page; Internet Debate with local NM creation club." Dave Thomas
Coalition for Excellence in Science and Education website "Ask-a-scientist links, member articles on many topics involvingcreationism/evolution, descriptions of New Mexico's successful battle torestore evolution to school standards." Dave Thomas
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