Invited Participants

Professional Organizations
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Jim Miller and JoEllen Roseman
American Association of Physical Anthropologists Martin Nickels
American Geological Institute Mike Smith
American Geophysical Union John Geissman
American Institute of Biological Sciences Judith Weis and Ellen Paul
American Society for Cell Biology Kenneth R. Miller
American Society for Microbiology Kenneth L. Anderson
The American Physiological Society Theodore Garland, Jr.
American Phytopathological Society Brad Mogen
American Society of Human Genetics Joe McInerney
The American Society of Plant Physiologists Neelima Sinha
Association of American State Geologists M. Lee Allison
Association of College and University Biology Educators Buzz Hoagland
Association of Science and Technology Centers Jama Kolosick
Association of Systematics Collections Judy Scotchmoor
BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium John R. Jungck
California Science Teachers Association Al Janulaw
Coalition for Education in the Life Sciences Gordon Uno
Crop Science Society of America Georgia Davis
Council of State Science Supervisors Kip Bollinger
Ecological Society of America Mark McPeek
Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience William Pizzi
The Genetics Society of America Sean B. Carroll
Geological Society of America Cathleen May and Sara Foland
National Academy of Sciences Jay Labov
National Association of Biology Teachers Wayne Carley
National Association for Black Geologists and Geophysicists Lisa D. White and Michael W. Howell
National Association of Geoscience Teachers Scott Linneman
National Center of Science Education Eugenie Scott and Kevin Padian
National Research Council Jay Labov
National Science Resource Center Ian MacGregor
National Science Teachers Association Gerry Wheeler
Paleontological Society Dale Springer
Project Kaleidoscope M. Patricia Morse
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Martin Feder
Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Marta Wayne
Society for the Study of Evolution Irene Eckstrand and Sam Donovan
Society of Systematic Biology David P. Mindell
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Judy Scotchmoor
UC Museum of Paleontology David R. Lindberg
Speakers, Media Representatives and Invited Guests
Brian J. Alters Evolution Education Research Center
Richard Bambach Virginia Tech
Shannon Brownlee Independent journalist
Rodger Bybee Biological Sciences Curriculum Study
Steve Case and Brad Williamson Teachers from Kansas
Andrea Dorfman Time Magazine
Joe Levine and Richard Hutton WGBH
Craig E. Nelson Indiana University
Mark Terry Science Department Chair, The Northwest School
Carl Zimmer Independent journalist