NAPC 2001

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NAPC 2001

June 26 - July 1 2001 Berkeley, California

Workshops (W) and Special Sessions (SS):

NAPC 2001 offered a workshop and a special session (listed below).

A session schedule and abstracts are still available on-line.

  • Internet Accessible Databases. (W1)
  • Fossil Futures: Preserving Fossils from Public Lands. (SS)
W1—Internet Accessible Databases
The usefulness of databases created for paleontological collections can be enhanced by connecting them. Several new web technologies can help move this effort from imagination to reality and includes XML and XQL. Participants to this workshop should include collections managers with interest in or responsibility for database management and paleontologists with particular interest in informatics infrastructure and database use. 
Organizer: For more information please contact Raymond F. Gildner (, Bloomington, MN 55431; ph: (952) 346-9322; or Paul J. Morris (, Biodiversity Information Manager, The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA; Ph. (215) 299-1161.

SS—Fossil Futures: Preserving Fossils from Public Lands.
For the first time, public land management agencies have come forward together with clear recommendations to stop the deterioration and loss of our fossil heritage and to promote science and education. This session will feature a panel discussion of invited representatives of governmental agencies to share these recommenations.
Organizers: Mark Goodwin ( or Judy Scotchmoor (, Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 or Richard Stucky (, Denver Museum of Natural Science, Denver CO 80205. 

Updated: July 17, 2001