The Doris O. and Samuel P. Welles Research Fund


2004 Awardees

Name Institution Purpose
David Allen Northern Illinois University Sphenosuchian systematics, and reassessment of Procompsognathus
Brian Lee Beatty University of Kansas Application of microwear methods to dietary and masticatory analysis of marine vertebrates
Grant Stanley Boardman Louisiana State University Louisiana Miocene cricetid and heteromyid rodents
Leon P.A.M. Claessens Harvard Archosaur thoracic and pelvic anatomy
David C. Evans University of Toronto, Canada Ontogeny and evolution of hadrosaurid dinosaurs
Tim J. Fedak Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada New Early Jurassic theropod and prosauropod dinosaurs from Nova Scotia
Christopher Lloyd Glen University of Queensland, Australia Functional morphology of bird and theropod claws and hind limbs
Justin T. Hall Washington University in St. Louis Morphometric variation in the crania of genus Varanus
Sunny Hwang American Museum of Natural History Patterns of enamel microstructure in dinosaurs
Georgia Ellen Knauss University of Iowa, Iowa City Morphological description and phylogeny of Baptemys
Sterling Nesbitt University of California, Berkeley Moenkopi reptiles and systematics of pseudosuchians
Patrick M. O'Connor Ohio University Comparative vertebral morphology of theropod dinosaurs and nondinosaurian archosauromorph reptiles
Paul Penkalski University of Wisconsin, Madison Systematics of armored dinosaurs
Tonya A. Penkrot Johns Hopkins University Dental morphometrics of Paleocene-Eocene condylarths
Karin Peyer Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, France Phylogeny of Compsognathidae, a new specimen of Postosuchus, and a revision of the rauisuchian archosaurs material
Nicholas D. Pyenson University of California, Berkeley The biogeography of Cetacea in the Neogene
Deanne Reinhardt Texas Tech University Anatomy and phylogeny of a new dicynodont from the Late Triassic
Torsten Scheyer University of Bonn, Germany Comparative bone histology of the turtle shell
Phil Senter Lamar State College Review of dinosaur forelimbs
Nicholas E. Smith Marshall University Diversity and species abundance of earliest Eocene marsupials
Diana Vineyard Southern Methodist University Cranial morphology of fossil turtles from the Lower Cretaceous
Laura Wilson Southern Methodist University Comparative taphonomy of two microsites from the Hell Creek Formation
Shawn P. Zack Johns Hopkins University Higher level phylogeny of living and extinct eutherians

Participants in the Triassic Workshop, November 2004, Supported by the Welles Fund

Name Institution
David Allen Northern Illinois University
Mike Benton University of Bristol, England
Tim Fedak Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia
Nick Fraser Virginia Museum of Natural HIstory
David Gower University of Tubingen, Germany
Andy Heckart New Mexico Museum of Natural History
Axel Hungerbuhler Mesalands Community College, New Mexico
Jeff Martz Texas Tech University
Sterling Nesbitt Columbia University
Stephanie Nowak Washington University, St. Louis
Bill Parker Petrified Forest National Park
Mike Parrish Northern Illinois University
Karin Peyer Museum of Natural History, Paris
Rainer Schoch Museum of Natural History, Stuttgart, Germany
Bryan Small Denver Museum of Natural History
Jon Weinbaum Texas Tech University
Adam Yates Cape Town Museum, South Africa

2003 Awardees

Name Institution Purpose
S. Ananthraman Geological Survey of India Micromammals from infra and intertrappean sediments of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, India
Julie Broughton University of California, Santa Barbara Paleoclimate, paleoecology and paleoaltitude of the Early Miocene Mohawk Valley flora, Northern Sierra Nevada
John Burris Michigan State University Evolution of the shark vertebral column
Eric W. Dewar University of Massachusetts, Amherst Dietary ecomorphology of Eocene-Oligocene transition mammals
Katrina E. Gobetz University of Kansas, Lawrence Functional significance of foramina, bosses, and other nasal adaptations in the digging behavior of mylagaulid rodents
Mark Goodwin University of California, Berkeley Mesozoic continental vertebrate faunas of Ethiopia
Anjali Goswami University of Chicago Carnivore cranial morphometrics
Karin Herrmann George Washington University Phylogeny of Thyreophoran dinosaurs
Casey Holliday Ohio University Evolution of jaw muscles in archosaurs
Jill Holliday Florida State University Aeluroid carnivore phylogeny
Patricia Holroyd University of California, Berkeley Biogeography of Eocene faunas of Europe
Grant Hurlburt California State University-Bakersfield Body size estimation in phytosaurs
Keith Huttenlocker University of Colorado, Boulder Phylogeny and ontogeny of nonmammailan therapsids
Takehito Ikejira Fort Hays State University Cretaceous mososaurs
Nathan Smith University of Iowa Osteology of Cryolophosaurus ellioti
Randall Irmis Northern Arizona University Axial skeleton ontogeny in the Phytosauridae
Deanne Reinhardt Texas Tech University Anatomy and phylogeny of a dew dicynodont from the Late Triassic
Tom Rothwell American Museum of Natural History A partial skeleton of Nimravides catocopis
Corwin Sullivan Harvard Early archosaur hindlimb evolution
Kitty Thomas University of Cambridge, UK Phylogeny and functional morphology of crocodiles
Ron Tykowski University of Texas-Austin Anatomy and phylogeny of Kayenta Formation coelophysoids
Jill Wertheim University of California, Santa Barbara Evolutionary and geologic implications of the Miocene mammals of Laguna del Laja, Chile

2002 Awardees

Name Institution Purpose
Ronan Allain MNHN, Paris Dilophosaurus and Segisaurus
Julie Broughton UCSB Sierra Nevada Miocene paleobotany
Julia Desojo University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Aetosaurs
Robert Hill SUNY - Stony Brook Amniote osteoderms
Axel Hungerbuehler Texas Memorial Museum Evolution of phytosaurs
Randall Irmis Northern Arizona University Early Jurassic theropods
Walter Joyce Yale Jurassic Turtles
Sterling Nesbitt UCMP Travel grant for museum work in Texas on early archosaurs
Lars Schmitz University of Bonn, Germnay Triassic ichthyosaurs
Andrei Sennikov PIN, Moscow Triassic reptile faunas
Krister Smith Yale Eocene squamates
Sebastian Voigt Martin-Luther-University, Germany Permian footprints
Cristina Vega Dias UF Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Dicynodonts

2001 Awardees

Name Institution Purpose
Joe Beamon Montana State University Turtles of Hell Creek Formation
Allison Beck University of Chicago Synapsid posture and anatomy
Igor Danilov PIN, Moscow Cretaceous macrobaenid turtle phylogeny
Andrey Kurkin PIN, Moscow Permo-Triassic dicynodonts
Jeff Martz Texas Tech University Taphonomy of Canjilon Quarry, Triassic of New Mexico
Julia Sankey South Dakota School of Mines Theropods of Hell Creek Formation
Jayc Sedlmayr University of Ohio Archosaur cranial anatomy
Chris Sheil University of Kansas Amniote phylogeny
Michael Shishkin PIN, Moscow Triassic amphibians
Jon Weinbaum Texas Tech University Postosuchus
Kate Zeigler University of New Mexico Triassic aetosaurs

Past Awardees

Name Institution Purpose
Ken Angielczyk UCMP South Africa and Russia to study dicynodonts
John Foster University of Wyoming Triassic faunal composition
Rob Gay Northern Arizona University Dilophosaurus
Andy Heckert University of New Mexico Triassic faunas of New Mexico
Robin O'Keefe University of Chicago Plesiosaur phylogeny and redescription of Alzadasaurus
Jim Parham UCMP Russia, to study macrobaenid turtles
Bill Parker Northern Arizona University Desmatosuchus
Rainer Schoch Tubingen Triassic amphibian systematics
Phil Senter Northern Illinois  
Michael Shiskin PIN, Moscow Triassic amphibian systematics
Francois Therrien Johns Hopkins University Theropod jaw mechanics

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