Web notes and calendar

web spider graphic In the January 2006 newsletter, we drew your attention to several highlights of the Understanding Evolution website…but there's more!

  • Our profile of Andy Ellington, University of Texas professor, explores how research on the origins of life has led to important advances in biotechnology.
  • New modules give users an in-depth look at the role of mutation in evolution, misconceptions about natural selection, and the origin of life.
  • Recent updates to Evo in the News highlight topics as diverse as DNA fingerprinting and the conservation of endangered species to the discovery of the fossil Tiktaalik and advances in our understanding of the evolution of human skin color.
  • Our subscription service has debuted. Sign up to receive a monthly newsletter via email with briefs on new resources available through the site, or keep current through our RSS feed.

Understanding Evolution is on the move, so check back often (or subscribe to our email newsletter or RSS feed). In the coming months, you can look forward to articles on the evolution of pollination syndromes, paleobotanical perspectives on global climate change, and more.

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May, 2006