Two new grants for UCMP Education & Public Outreach

UCMP receives supplement from NASA
UCMP has received notification of the success of the NASA Education and Public Outreach proposal (EPO) submitted as a supplement to the NASA research award entitled Evolutionary Dynamics of Planetary Biodiversity Gradients: Origin, Maintenance and Future of Latitudinal Trends. This award was granted to David Jablonski (University of Chicago), Kaustuv Roy (UC San Diego), and Jim Valentine (UCMP). Within our EPO project, we will develop a research profile and a global biodiversity module, which will be disseminated through the UCMP Understanding Evolution website in order to share the research with a broader audience.


UCMP partners with New York Hall of Science
UCMP has received a subaward to a National Science Foundation grant awarded to the New York Hall of Science (NYHS), entitled Life Changes. UCMP will develop an online and reproducible Family Guide that will enhance and extend the visit to the Life Changes exhibits and will develop a web-based docent/explainer training manual on evolution by repackaging key components of the Understanding Evolution website. Martin Weiss (NYHS) is the Principal Investigator on the Life Changes project.

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May, 2006