The foundations of paleontology at UCMP (cont.)

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Geological Survey field party The Geological Survey of California field party of 1864 consisting of (from left) William H. Brewer, party chief; James T. Gardiner, mining engineer; Richard Cotter, packer; and Clarence King, geologist (California Division of Mines and Geology)

ineffective. Whitney was thus unable to complete the publications. The Legislature (Organic Act of 1873) directed Whitney to give the Survey's collections to the State University at Berkeley, which he agreed to do.
However, Whitney took some of the GSC's fossils to Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology, and Gabb took others to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. The remainder became the foundation of UCMP's collection. The University of California ended up with 107 types of gastropods

  Seals from the Geological Survey's first volume: Palaeontology
The ammonite and the seal of the Geological Survey of California embossed on the front and back covers respectively of the first official volume (Palaeontology) published by the GSC in 1864. (scanned from the original binding by Susie Lipps)

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