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Additional publications
Here are some publications that did not make it into last issue's list of 2004 UCMP publications:

Medina, M., A.G. Collins, J.W. Taylor, J.W. Valentine, J.H. Lipps, L. Amaral-Zettler, and M.L. Sogin. 2003. Phylogeny of Opisthokonta and the evolution of multicellularity and complexity in Fungi and Metazoa. International Journal of Astrobiology 2:203–211.

Valentine, J.W. 2004. On the Origin of Phyla. University of Chicago Press, Chicago. xxiv + 614 pp.

Lipps, J.H., and J.W. Valentine. 2004. Late Proterozic Metazoa: weird, wonderful and ghostly. Pp. 51–66 in J.H. Lipps and B.M. Waggoner (eds.), Neoproterozoic-Cambrian Biological Revolutions. Paleontology Society Papers 10:51–66.

Roy, K., D. Jablonski, and J.W. Valentine. 2004. Beyond species richness: biogeographic patterns and biodiversity dynamics using other metrics of diversity. Chapter 8 in M. Lomolino and L. Heaney (eds.), Frontiers of Biogeography: New Directions in the Geography of Nature. Cambridge University Press.

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May, 2005