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In recent issues of UCMP News, we have highlighted segments of the broader UCMP community and their contributions to the UC Museum of Paleontology. Here we would like you to meet an energetic group of teachers who have been critical to the success of the Understanding Evolution (UE) website.
During the past years, we have relied on a team approach to all of our web-based education projects—teachers working directly with faculty and graduate students, complemented by a talented web team. Each adds their expertise to the mix, resulting in a product that is scientifically robust, pedagogically sound, and tailored in presentation to the target audience. The UE project has been no exception. Our teacher team, led by Al Janulaw, assisted in the identification of content areas and read and re-read mountains of text. They and their students provided initial feedback on navigation and graphic design, and they continue to evaluate and contribute to our lesson database. Much of the success of the site is directly due to their efforts.
Al Janulaw has dedicated his life to science education, having spent 32 years in the classroom. He has served on the California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Board of Directors in various capacities including President. Not only a skilled teacher, Al also knows how to inspire other teachers. He teaches the science methods course in the multi-subject teaching credential program at Sonoma State University and is co-director of the North Bay Science Project, also located at SSU. He has

  Al Janulaw
Al Janulaw, UCMP Teacher Associate, has been working with colleagues on the Understanding Evolution website. (photo by Colleen Whitney)

extensive experience working with teachers on curriculum development and pedagogical strategies in grades K-12. In 2001, Al joined the UCMP staff to work on the UE project. He has written content, developed lessons and conceptual frameworks, served as the liaison with the rest of our teacher advisors, added a fresh perspective on the UE project, and kept the team smiling with his dry wit.

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