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Through our websites, public programs, and collaborations with other organizations, UCMP is able to share its collections and research with a broad audience. Some of these activities are highlighted here:

The Uniqueness that is California
This year’s short course was a huge success. More than 120 people joined us to learn about the geology, paleontology, biodiversity, and peoples of California. In addition, we offered a Sunday field trip for those who chose to personally experience the geology and oenology of the Napa Valley. As you can see from the picture below, learning about the uniqueness of California firsthand can be quite joyous. For more information on the course, field trip, and resources suggested by the speakers, visit here.

Women enjoying the field trip
Two Friends of UCMP celebrate the uniqueness of California. (photo by Judy Scotchmoor)
  Looking for Cretaceous microfossils
UCMP’s “Fun With Fossils” activity is a favorite with kids every Cal Day. Here, UCMP Interim Director Bill Clemens helps a couple of youngsters identify small fossils in matrix collected in Montana. (photo by David Smith)

April 17th—Cal Day 2004
The sun came out just in time and so did the fans of fossils! This year the theme for our special exhibit was Fossils Beneath Our Feet, providing a glimpse of the flora and fauna found in familiar places around the Bay. Visitors enjoyed learning about the inhabitants who frequented their neighborhoods in the past. Can you imagine gomphotheres and horses on the slopes of Mt. Diablo? Giant ground sloths at the Oakland Coliseum and Berkeley BART? Mammoths in the Webster Tube? Camels in the Caldecott Tunnel? Or the shells of deep ocean single-celled organisms (foraminifera) near Briones

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