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In mid-February 2004, the Paleontological Portal,, will open to contributions of images, links and information from the paleontological community. This site will create a central, interactive entry point to paleontology resources on the Internet for many audiences.
The centerpiece of the portal is the USGS color-coded geologic map of the United States draped over a shaded-relief digital elevation model (top right). This map and associated stratigraphic column are interactive, allowing the user to access information about particular geographic regions, geologic time periods, depositional environments and representative taxa. Other features include highlights of famous fossil sites and assemblages, and a Fossil Gallery (right).

Paleontological Portal home page
The Paleontological Portal home page.
  Exploring Time & Space page
Visitors to the Paleontological Portal can access information on any state, for any geologic time period, from the Exploring Time & Space page.
Fossil Gallery page
How the main Fossil Gallery page would appear to a visitor mousing over the Vertebrates category.

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