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web spider graphic Students from the Philippines enjoy Explorations
One of our web-based projects is Explorations Through Time, a series of interactive modules that explores the history of life on Earth, focusing on the processes of science. We are always pleased to learn that these modules are effective science resources. We recently enjoyed a series of e-mails sent from a school in the Philippines. First from the instructor:

I am thankful for the site you have developed. They [the modules] were really helpful. One parent told me that she was able to learn a lot from the site when I gave it to her son for an assignment. This week my advanced students in science will be exploring some of the other modules. I am interested on how they will react to the exploration in Montana [refers to the module Adventures at Dry Creek]. I would also like to tell you that the head of our department was impressed, and [he] would also like to extend his utmost appreciation for what you have created.

In the days immediately following, about 75 of his students wrote very nice personal notes about the Geologic Time module, such as this one:


To whom it may concern,
Greetings! I am [a student] of 7-H, Xavier School, Philippines. I have visited your website (www.ucmp.berkeley.edu) and it is a truly amazing one. I have also visited the section my teacher, told me about—the part about geologic time. There are very good effects, the information is very detailed for my grade level but my class has learned much from it, being that it was presented in a fun way. I would like to thank you at Berkeley for giving us the opportunity to further study about geologic time through your website. Thank you for your time.

Explorations Through Time was funded by the National Science Foundation and Pacific Bell.

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