Congratulations are due!
To Bob Feranec, who has been chosen as the recipient of this year’s Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Predoctoral Fellowship. The award “is intended to promote a professional career in vertebrate paleontology by allowing the recipient greater freedom to pursue research during the final stages of the doctoral program” and recognizes “(1) scholarly contributions to the field of vertebrate paleontology, including the dissertation project; (2) professional activity within the field of vertebrate paleontology; and (3) promise of a productive and important professional role in vertebrate paleontology.” Bob’s research focuses on understanding the paleoecological consequences of the evolution of key adaptations in ancient mammals, in particular the evolution of hypsodont teeth by ungulates in the early Miocene of North America.
To Alan Shabel who recently passed his oral exams. Alan’s research focuses on hominid paleontology.


A new digital project
UCMP is working on a new pilot project along with several Bay Area science teachers, the Digital Library for Earth Systems Education, San Francisco State University, the USGS in Menlo Park, and the California Science Teachers Association. Its purpose is to develop digital teaching units/resources to support the teaching of geoscience concepts. This effort will build on the resources already available on the DLESE site and on the conceptual framework developed by teachers from West Contra Costa County who participated in the Geosciences in Alaska program in the summer of 2002.

In our last print issue (August 2003), a dentary on page 5 was mistakenly identified as being from Aelurodon taxoides, a wolf-sized predator. It actually belongs to an extinct camel. We regret the error.

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October, 2003