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In late 2002, UCMP unveiled a new on-line collections catalog, developed in partnership with the Berkeley Digital Library Project. This catalog offers information on more than 200,000 specimens housed in the UCMP.

Features include (numbers correspond to graphic below):

1) A simple search form, designed to meet the need for fast, easy searches on a small subset of often-used categories for finding specimens, such as taxon name, time period or locality.

2) An advanced search form, with almost unlimited options for searches,


sorting and display of specimen data.

3) Browse lists offer an alternative way to locate specimens or localities, geographically or by class and order.

4a) A locality search form, which allows users to search geographically for sites where UCMP specimens have been collected...

4b) ...localities found using this form include a link to related specimen records.

Two screens from the collections catalog
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