UCMP salutes Bill Clemens (cont.)

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Bill and Malcolm McKenna in Mongolia
Bill (left) with Malcolm McKenna (second from right) and colleagues from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Beijing in Mongolia to look at Cretaceous and Paleocene rocks, 1981. (photo courtesy of Malcolm McKenna)
  Bill with Jack Horner in Montana
Back in Jordan, Montana in 2001, Bill (second from right) and Mark Goodwin (second from left) participate in the Hell Creek Project, an interdisciplinary study of the Upper Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation in the area surrounding Fort Peck Reservoir in eastern Montana. At left is Nathan Myhrvold, project supporter, and at right, Jack Horner, Museum of the Rockies. (photo courtesy of Mark Goodwin)
Bill at the LACM T. rex site
Bill at the Los Angeles County Museum T. rex site in Garfield County, Montana, circa 1990. (photo courtesy of Don Lofgren)

January, 2003

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