Thanks and fond goodbyes!

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We’d like to thank several graduating students who have worked for UCMP during the last year, and wish them the very best in their new ventures:
Lucy Kong brought smiles to schoolchildren all over the U.S., as she took the necessary time to answer each and every letter sent to UCMP. She also helped us with some of the more tedious clerical tasks of copying, collating and preparing for workshops and other outreach events. After a bit of R&R time, Lucy plans to continue her studies in anesthesiology. (photo by Colleen Whitney)

Lucy Kong

  Matt McHenry aims to complete his PhD in May, and has accepted a postdoctoral research position at Harvard. Matt contributed his unique combination of talents in biomechanics, art and computer programming to a Web-based module on the evolution of flight in birds. (photo by Colleen Whitney)

Matt McHenry

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