To Curtis Pehl, who comes to UCMP from the California Institute of Technology. Joining the Lipps Lab, he will be focusing his work on Precambrian-Cambrian paleobiology.

To the following students joining the Lindberg Lab:

  • Liz Perotti, a graduate from Boston University, who will be studying land snails and conservation biology.
  • Nick Pyenson, who spent his undergraduate career at Emory University in Atlanta where he was working on cetacean brain evolution.
  • Yvonne Valles, joins us from San Francisco State University. Yvonne will be continuing her work on eutrochozoan (molluscs, annelids, brachiopods, etc.) relationships.

To our new Prep Lab volunteer:
Debra L. Blanke, a UCB alum, who will be working with Jane Mason to learn the “tricks of the trade.”

Congratulations are due!

To Ken Angielczyk, one of eleven Berkeley students to receive a Grant-in-Aid of Research from the Berkeley Chapter of Sigma Xi, and a recipient of an outstanding research proposal award from the Paleontological Society/Mid-American Paleontological Society.

To Emina Begovic, who received Sigma Xi and Lerner-Gray Marine Research awards to support her work on patterns of speciation in nearshore marine gastropods.

To Brian Kratz, who won The University of Wyoming’s “Outstanding Masters Project Award.”


To Andrew Lee, recipient of a research grant from the Jurassic Foundation to look at the force loads and movement patterns of the forelimbs of alligators.

To Karen Osborn, who received a Visiting Research Fellowship from the Australian Museum and will be spending two months there working on isopod phylogenetics.

To Jim Valentine, elected to the European Academy of Sciences headquartered in Brussels with the citation “for an outstanding and lasting contribution to biological sciences and education.

And last but far from least, congratulations to Howard Schorn and Nancy Gooch on their recent wedding!

News from UCMP alums

Ross Nehm has landed a tenure-track position in biology at The City College of New York, which has a joint Ph.D. program with the AMNH. Ross continues to explore various approaches to studying the evolution and development of fossil marine molluscs.

Clara Stefen was appointed Curator of Mammalogy at the Natural History Museum in Dresden. Clara was a postdoctoral research associate at UCMP from fall 1997 until fall 1999 while she studied the evolution of structural complexity of the enamel that covers the teeth of primitive carnivorous and herbivorous mammals.

John Hutchinson and Betty Tsent were married on May 25th in Palos Verdes. John is completing the second year of his NSF Bioinformatics Post-doctoral position at Stanford University.

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October, 2002