Friends of UCMP
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We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Bettina Hughes
Donald and Paula Lindsay
Elizabeth R. Peters
James and Harriet Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Max Thelan Jr.
Hugh Wagner
Jim Bonsey
Ann and Dick Filson
Marian Gonzalez
Sue H. Hoey
Joseph W. Huston
Jeanette and Bruce MacFadden
Todd Olson
Gary V. Roberts
Dorothy Slaton
Clarence and Carol Weinmann
Paul and Mary Grunland
John and June Hopkirk
Al, Sharon, and Tara Janulaw
Barbara Judd and Robert Clear
Gladys and Monzell Louke
Wilma Russell
Donald and Bartie Stapleton
Jack and Mary Stirton
William Warner
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October, 2002