A special welcome

We are pleased to welcome Trish Roque as our new Administrative Assistant. Trish comes to us from Santa Fe, NM following the completion of a dual major of studio fine arts and environmental studies from SUNY Binghamton. While in Santa Fe, she worked with the Audubon Center and became increasingly involved with the art community. She spent her last four years in NM working with sculptor Star York, and a non-profit arts organization, American Women Artists. She also focused on her own printmaking and etching work and exhibited her prints in several group shows in New Mexico and Arizona.
When asked what she has enjoyed the most since joining us, Trish responded: “I’ve always been fascinated with evolution and the big picture of Earth’s history (I’m a PBS/Discovery/National Geographic/History/Animal Planet Channels-junkie...oh, and the occasional South Park). I enjoy being exposed to the questions that UCMP scientists, curators, and students tackle and the research they undertake.
  Trish Roque, photo by Colleen WhitneyI love looking at UCMP’s collections and seeing what happens in the labs, particularly the prep lab (it’s that art and science thing). It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in the sciences and “Fossil Coffee” and “VP (vertebrate paleontology) lunch” have been a nice re-introduction.”
And what does she find the most challenging? “Berkeley bureaucracy and the BFS (Berkeley Financial System). And figuring out what I want to do with my life. I’m hoping that being here will help me answer that question.”

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January, 2002