• Congratulations are due!

    To Bob Feranec and Samantha Hopkins, who passed their qualifying exams last semester and have advanced to candidacy.

    To Ken Agielczyk, recipient of an Ernst Mayr Grant from Harvard University’s Museum of Comparative Zoology.

    To Audrey Aronowsky, recipient of a grant from the Conchologists of America (COA) for her research on naticid egg masses with additional funding from the AMNH Lerner-Gray Fund for Marine Research. Jim Kurpius also received a COA grant to support his research on the phylogeography of high intertidal marine gastropods.

    To Edward Davis, awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to support his dissertation research over the next three years, focusing on the interplay between changing climate and evolution of mammals in Nevada during the Miocene.

    To Lisa Gershwin, recipient of a grant from the Smithsonian to improve its jellyfish collection (which includes one week in Tobago!).

    To Scott Nichols and Jim Parham, recipients of a grant from the Explorers Club for their particular fields of research (sponges and turtles, respectively).

    To David Lindberg, recipient of $285,900 from the National Science Foundation for a molluscan mitochondrial genomic project.

    To Prof. Dr. Alexander V. Altenbach and Jere H. Lipps, awarded a 15,000 DM Bavaria-California-Technology Center Grant for the environmental study of foraminiferal relationships through DNA sequencing. Most of this work will take place in the Museum’s sequencing lab and in Munich, Germany.

  • Wedding Bells!

    Special congratulations to Allen Collins (Postdoctoral) on his marriage to Jennifer Johnson (Teacher Associate)—a most enjoyable, festive, and non-traditional ceremony enjoyed by all.

  • Underwater Research

    UCMP Curator Roy Caldwell and graduate student Helen Fox spent ten days (July 16–25) with the Aquarius underwater research laboratory. Visit the Secrets of the Stomatopod website to learn more about the research team’s underwater adventure.

  • Farewells!

    With regrets we say farewell to:

    Marty Wojciechowski, who has guided many a student through the protocols of the molecular lab. Marty will be heading to Arizona to take a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Biology at Arizona State University, in Tempe. He will be continuing to work on plant systematics and evolution.

    Nan Crystal Arens to whom we owe numerous thanks for her many contributions to UCMP (see the Director’s letter).

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    August, 2001