The North American Paleontology
Convention 2001 is a big success!

We did it! NAPC is now over, and it was a big success. UCMP’s sponsorship, organization and work made it perhaps the most successful NAPC ever. The meeting started on June 26 with a booming reception, followed by five full days of posters and talks. That first night, participants enjoyed a short welcome and dedication ceremony, followed by an evening of swing dancing. The enthusiasm of the new President of the Paleontological Society, Trish Kelley, exemplified the popularity of this event as she was on the floor for almost every dance and with anyone who would give it a try! The music was clearly enjoyed by even the non-dancers, as another couple of hundred people sat outside talking paleontology in time to the beat.
NAPC 2001 was dedicated to Ellis Yochelson, the founder of the NAPC in 1969 (at Chicago) and persistent promoter of every one of the six meetings since then. At the ceremony, Ellis had a tear in his eye and he was so touched by the dedication that he called his wife in Washington D.C. to tell her all about it.
Misha Fedonkin and Pete Palmer
Pete’s tie It isn’t a meeting of paleontologists without at least one bolo tie! Pete Palmer (right) of the Cambrian Institute, Boulder, CO, here with Misha Fedonkin, Paleontological Institute, Moscow, shows off his stylish trilobite tie. (photos by Lisa Gershwin)
  Jere Lipps
Jere Lipps, Chair of NAPC, had to resort to extraordinary methods to get the attention of attendees. (photo by Lisa Gershwin)
Greg Retallack and Ben Waggoner
Ben’s puns must be getting better! Greg Retallack (left), University of Oregon, laughs with Berkeley alum Ben Waggoner, University of Central Arkansas. (photo by Lisa Gershwin)

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