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  • Several pages from the UCMP website have been selected by SciLINKS, a service supported by the National Science Foundation to link science textbooks to effect online content. The criteria used for selection for inclusion in SciLINKS can be found at www.scilinks.org/criteria.htm.
  • The UCMP website was listed on Forbes magazine’s Best of the Web and described as “one of the Web’s best life-sciences collections.”

And more kudos:
My wife and I came upon your website while searching for information on club mosses (Lycophyta). What a great site! We especially like having the glossary available to look up technical terms. My wife has some background in botany, but some of the paleobotany terms were new to us. Keep up the good work, and pass our compliments along to your content-creators.

Jonathan Sobel
Indiana University

So people keep asking me; “What is the 'Web' good for?” And I keep saying; “Go look at the UCMP site.” And then they say; “Oh wow!!!!!”
As a basic reference or as an introduction to life, in its many forms, it can’t be beaten.

Dick Easton
CompuSmart, Canada

You probably hear this a trillion times a day, but your site is imaginative, so creative, and amazingly well structured. I have seen a lot of sites, helped businesses build and link (we are in the xml business) many of them‹business side and consumer side. But yours is one of the best I have ever seen. From a personal perspective, I have children and grandchildren who will benefit from your work.
I am also an artist and use cell cytology and fossils as subject matter woven into my paintings. It is a treasure of a site and I appreciate your work. Please pass along my congrats to your team and contributors. It is truly a master work! Bravo!

Nancy Odell
Arbortext, Inc.

Upcoming events


Coming June 26–July 1, 2001 to the Clark Kerr Conference Center

This June, UCMP will host the North American Paleontological Convention, a six-day sharing of research and ideas on all aspects of paleontology. The program for the oral and poster presentations, along with abstracts of each presentation, is on the NAPC website.

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May, 2001