UCMP well represented by grad students at SVP

UCMP was well-represented by its graduate students at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology annual meeting this past October. Ten students gave or co-authored talks, or presented posters:

Ken AngielczykA character-based method for measuring the fit of a cladogram to the fossil record.

Marc Carrasco—co-author (with Tony Barnosky) on Assessment of mammalian species richness in the northern Great Plains, northern Rocky Mountains, and Pacific Northwest during the early Arikareean.

Ed DavisThe nearest-living-relative method of paleoclimate reconstruction: Testing the assumptions with species of the rodent Marmota.

Bob FeranecSabertooth growth rate in Smilodon estimated from analysis of stable isotopes.

Tom Stidham—co-author on Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary avifaunas in North America; also co-author (with Caroline Strömberg) on Dung beetle brood balls and notoungulate diet.

  Caroline StrömbergDung beetle brood balls and notoungulate diet.

Matt WedelThe evolution of vertebral pneumaticity in the sauropoda.

Greg WilsonBiogeographic implications of a new primitive tribosphenic mammal from the intertrappean beds of Rangapur, Andra Pradesh, India.

Samantha HopkinsPreliminary phylogenetic analysis of aplodontid rodents reveals history of repeated holarctic immigrations.

Jim Parham—Osteopygis Cope 1868, problematic or simply misunderstood?

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November, 2001