Friends of UCMP
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We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Dorothy and Bill Clemens
Douglas and Sally Clarke
Willard J. Classen
Dale Grisham
Stephen Hoffman
Donald and Paula Lindsay
Carol J. Munson
Elton L. Puffer
Louise E. Taylor
Ladd and Linda Coates
David Gan
Zhexi Luo
Bruce Townley
Eleanor and J. Hugh Visser
Mary E. Arbogast
Paul Babwin
Stan Balducci
Helen Bernstein
James W. Downs
Robert W. Kirby Jr.
John and Diane Mawby
Janet Mendelsohn
Frank Perry
Wilma Russell
Scott Starratt
Diana Thatcher
Jim and Virginia Waters
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November, 2001