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web spider graphicMore kind comments from visitors to the UCMP website:

This website is fantastic! My 6th grade students are researching fossils as a part of our studies of ancient cultures. I love providing projects and reading that are not necessarily geared toward little kids, so I’ve been surfing the net looking for resources. Your website provides excellent information and detailed projects that look so exciting and don’t “talk down” to students! I can’t wait until we have web access in our classroom to better utilize resources such as your site. Thank you for the time and consideration you obviously placed in preparing this website!

Rebecca Giaccio
Welsh Valley Middle School &
Villanova University
Villanova, PA

Thank you for putting together a really wonderful website!
I was reading a trilobite website that I saw a link to on the Scientific American website, and they had a link to your website for information on more general paleontology.
I found it really interesting. I just clicked from page to page following
  the geneology of various organisms from primitive forms to primates. You had just the kind of information I wanted—a few paragraphs on each and links to go up or down the family tree. The details were fascinating! I never knew that my mouth developed second before. I never knew that shoulder blades are dermal bones and different from most other bones.
Keep up the good work!
The only bad thing was that it was so interesting that I stayed up late into the night reading it when I should have been sleeping.

Chris from Sunnyvale

I would like you to know that you have some good people in your section. I ran across Mr. John R. Hutchinson’s name on your website and requested some help in finding websites about dinosaurs for my daughter’s science fair project. He e-mailed me back with more info the following day. We need more people like him whom aren’t afraid to share their knowledge.
Thanks again.

Roger L Houle
Cranston, RI

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