2000 UCMP Publications

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Wood, C.B., and W.A. Clemens. 2000. A new specimen and a functional re-association of the molar dentition of Batodon tenuis (Placentalia, incertae sedis), Latest Cretaceous (Lancian), North America. Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. 155(9):525-45.

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Holroyd, P.A., and R.L. Ciochon. 2000. Bunobrontops savagei: A new genus and species of brontotheriid perissodactyl from the Eocene Pondaung fauna of Myanmar. J. Vertebr. Paleontol. 20(2):408-10.

Holroyd, P.A., and J.H. Hutchison. 2000. Proximate causes for changes in vertebrate diversity in the early Paleogene: An example from turtles in the Western Interior of North America. GFF 122:75-76.

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