A special offer from a special Friend

It took less than two minutes to sell our first dinosaur sweater at last year’s short course, so UCMP’s special Friend, Helen Grinstead, immediately started working on sweater number two!
This beautiful, rich red sweater is one-of-a-kind and a prize-winner! Helen created the design based on a drawing that she saw of what she describes as “Philip Currie’s New Dinosaur” and it took Second Prize in the 2000 California State Fair! Helen is offering this sweater to UCMP to auction, with all proceeds (over her own expenses) going to support the research and programs of the Museum. We will be sending out further information about how you can participate in this auction, so “stay tuned.”
  Helen Grinstead with prize-winning sweater
Helen Grinstead holds up her prize-winning sweater (100% wool; men’s medium/large—chest 44"). (photo by Colleen Whitney)

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January, 2001