Friends of UCMP
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We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Nestor John Sander
Douglas B. Clarke
Dot and Bill Clemens
Bonnie Dalzell
Mrs. William W. Fox
Garland Dale Grisham
Katherine Hartsell
Stephen Hoffman
Elizabeth R. Peters
Judy Scotchmoor
Mr. and Mrs. Max Thelen, Jr.
Dorothy Tregea
Paul Babwin
Willard J. Classen, Jr.
Ann Filson
Joseph W. Huston
Joan A. Jenkins
Donald R. Lindsay
Jeannette and Bruce MacFadden
John W. Ruth
Zhexi Luo
Mary E. Arbogast
Helen Bernstein
Jim Bonsey
Devon Brewer
Debbie Bunn
Ladd Coates
Penelope Coulombe
James W. Downs
Ryan Eckstrom-Browne
Patricia Gerdsen
Sue Hoey
Timothy Johnson
Barbara Judd
Robert W. Kirby, Jr.
Kim Lutton
Crain A. Lyon
John E. Mawby
Marisol Montellano
Flory Nye-Clement and Charley Clement
Frank Perry
Barbara Reineke
Robin Schneider
Richard A. Sperling
Jack and Mary Stirton
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January, 2001