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web spider graphicVisitors to the UCMP website send our webmaster a steady stream of e-mail. Here are a couple of very nice messages and one very unusual request:

Just to say thank you for your amazingly simple and easy to understand web site which has made home work a joy (well it would be nice wouldn’t it). I got an A+ on my science dino work and it is mainly thanks to your web site. Again thank you and good bye.
     A Very Grateful student

Your website [the Learning from the Fossil Record section] has been selected as a featured site in StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers. You will be able to view it in our Teaching Resources, Science, Biology and Paleontology sections very soon.

I would like contact with someone who can help me plan my fossilization into amber upon my demise. I’m not crazy and I am very serious. Thank you.
     Christopher M.

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May, 2000