Greetings to Colleen Whitney
and Ann Shen

Colleen and Ann
Colleen Whitney (left) and Ann Shen
Colleen has actually been with UCMP for the past year on a part-time basis; however, her responsibilities were limited to the coordination of two outreach projects: the Science Coalition (SC) and Integrating Science, Teaching, and Technology (ISTAT). The SC is a campuswide organization funded by the Berkeley Pledge with the task of identifying, registering, and coordinating all K-12 science outreach efforts on the Berkeley campus. ISTAT is a digital curriculum project of the Interactive University involving a collaboration between four campus units (the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, the Center for Particle Astrophysics, the Space Sciences Laboratory, and UCMP) and the San Francisco Unified School District. Prior to her work with the SC and ISTAT, Colleen was working at the Chabot Science Center. Now fully on board at UCMP, Colleen will continue her work on the ISTAT project, but the main focus of her job will be as webmaster. Colleen will assume responsibility for the content of the UCMP web site, forming and implementing strategies for better use of the web as a vehicle for public information and outreach. She will also work as part of a team to develop plans for fundraising initiatives.
Ann is also no stranger to UC Berkeley. As a Cal student in political science and working in upper management of private student housing, Ann is quite familiar with University life.
  Additionally, her uncles are both in academia and she grew up enthusiastically roaming the halls of museums. She comes to us from the School of Optometry, where she was working on a temporary basis. Ann assumes the position of Administrative Assistant for the museum and thus hers will be the first smiley face as you enter our museum. An eager learner, Ann is now training on the Berkeley Financial System and will handle all payroll and accounting tasks for the museum. She is also working with Dave Lindberg to develop new protocols and integrate new uses of technology in order to add efficiency to the daily routines of UCMP.

. . . and a few farewells
Karen L. Grycewicz has joined her husband on the East Coast and we wish her all the best. For the last ten years, Karen was the Museum Scientist responsible for the microfossil and invertebrate collections. She also supervised the use of and training on our Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope. Karen made important additions to the UCMP data base model during its early development, incorporated the donation of major museum collections into the UCMP holdings, prepared annual exhibits for local gem and mineral shows, and prepared an impressive exhibit on paleontology for the Doe and Bancroft Libraries in the spring of 1991. We thank her for all of these contributions and much more.
We would also like to send a special thank you to DeeDee Sprouse who came to our rescue following the retirement of Yvonne Norpchen. DeeDee literally jumped right in, grasped what needed doing, and cleaned house, leaving the files and accounts in good shape to hand over to Ann Shen.

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May, 2000