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web spider graphicOur webmaster receives a wide variety of e-mail messages from visitors to our website. This month we include one very complimentary note and then a somewhat...interesting request.

As a professional science writer, I spend a lot of my time on the Internet scouting for good resources, images and ideas. I will use the World Wide Web for as much as 50% of my research before I begin writing. Staying up to date is a full-time job. As I follow up links from various interesting websites, I am amazed at how many times other websites link back to your marvelous “Paleontology without Walls” website. You are truly everywhere. Not only are your images fantastic, but the text is readable, accurate and timely. So now I have the message “Start with your site” because I’m going to end up back there anyway!

Carolyn Csongradi, SETI

Perhaps you can direct me or help me—I need information regarding scorpions in Indonesia. I live in Indonesia and have recently found two scorpions in my home in the last week. I have lived in this home for two years and have never seen a scorpion. I have also lived in Indonesia for twenty years and have never seen any in any of the homes I have lived in. What I would like to know is...how do I get rid of them and where could they be coming from—I do not know where to look? I have a small dog, a Yorkie, that I am worried will find more as he alerted me to the first one.

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January, 2000