Collections' Corner

Donations to collections We would like to thank the following for their contributions:

Sidney Ash and Lea Grauvogel-Stamm, for type material of the new genus Equicalastrobus from the Triassic of Utah and New Mexico. This is the only museum collection of this material.

Russel and Sylvia Bartley of Covela, CA, for fossil Miocene woods from near Fort Bragg, CA.

John H. Hutchison, for plant compressions from the Paleocene Goler Formation of CA.

Bruce Lander and Lanny Fisk, for fossil algae from the Miocene Puente Formation, Los Angeles County,CA.

The National Science Museum, Tokyo, Japan, for casts of unusual Japanese mammals.

  Everett C. Olson, professor at UCLA, for an outstanding assemblage of Permian and Triassic vertebrates, primarily from Oklahoma and Texas.

Eric, Sheila and Ray Seiple, for fossil collections representing 24 Tertiary paleofloras from California, Nevada and Idaho.

Bruce H. Tiffney, for type material of Mastixia fruits (family Cornaceae) from the Paleogene of California and Wyoming.

Steve and Cathy Zyschowski and the FarWest Geosciences Foundation, for a large collection of compressed leaves from the Ione Formation (Eocene) of Nevada County, CA.

Visitors to collections During 1999, the collections were visited by 68 researchers from around the world: vertebrates, 34; plants, 8; and invertebrate and microfossils, 26.

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January, 2000