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web spider graphicHere are two more examples of the type of e-mail messages UCMP receives in response to our web site. One is a nice thank you note while the other is one of those more...unusual requests.

Boy oh boy, the WWW never ceases to amaze me. I am a diving instructor in Portland, OR, putting together a “marine naturalist” course for our divers. Having gone through many of the marine animal guides to glean info (of the gee-whiz type) about the different phyla, I thought I’d give the WWW a try. Did a search for “porifera” and found your wonderful site. So, anyway...a BIG THANKS for all the time and effort
you obviously put into this project. It’s been invaluable and is much appreciated. Hope I have half as much luck with cnideria, echinoderms, etc., etc.
— Richard Yost

I am in charge of a small, old cemetery in the upper penninsula of Michigan. Many of the gravestones are covered with lichen and are impossible to read. I am looking for a mixture that I could spray on to kill the lichen but not harm the stones’ finish, as I cannot experiment with common household solutions for fear of causing damage. I would appreciate your help in this matter.
— Anonymous

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September, 1999