To Museum Scientist Giselle Jakobs who is joining UCMP for a year to work on a National Science Foundation grant for the curation of the donated USGS Menlo Park invertebrate collections. Giselle received a Ph.D. in geology from the University of British Columbia in 1992, where she worked on Jurassic biostratigraphy of North America. She has been a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Geological Survey of Canada, worked as a professional geoscientist consultant, and published numerous articles on Mesozoic paleontology and stratigraphy.

To our new graduate students:
Emina Begovic, from UC Berkeley, to work with Carole Hickman and David Lindberg;
Edward Davis, from University of Tennessee, to work with Tony Barnosky;
Bob Feranec, from University of Florida, to work with Tony Barnosky;
Samantha Hopkins, from University of Tennessee, to work with Tony Barnosky;
Cherie LeDoux, from Yale University, to work with Bill Clemens and Kevin Padian;
Scott Nichols, from University of North Carolina, to work with Carole Hickman and David Lindberg;
Sara Rieboldt, from University of Colorado, to work with Carole Hickman and Jere Lipps.
To our graduate students for the following awards:
Allen Collins—The Mary Otis Clark Award for developing exhibits, which include the flora and fauna of California, on the WWW.
Alicia Cordero—Bureau of Land Management (BLM) support for a study of “Molecular relationships of Land Snails in Survey and Managed Areas,” in association with D. R. Lindberg and UCMP research Associate Dr. Barry Roth.
Healy Hamilton—The Remington Kellogg Fund for continuing work on DNA sequencing related to her Amazon dolphin project.
Kirsten Lindstrom and Hawkeye Sheene—Genetics Training Grants, Hawkeye for working on DNA sequencing of foraminifera.
Brian Simison—The D. K. Palmer Prize for studying the molecular phylogeography of the Eastern Pacific and Caribbean limpets.
Tom Stidham—The Annie Alexander Fellowship for continuing his dissertation research on the origin and early evolution of coastal avifaunas.
Caroline Stromberg—The F. E. Peabody Fellowship for studying the evolution of grass-dominated biomes in North America during the Oligocene-Miocene.
Anna Thomspon—A Teaching Effectiveness Award for her work in Bio1B.
Tidbits And to undergraduate student, Anna Frumes—The Biology Fellows Summer Stipend, the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program Summer Fellowship and the President’s Fellowship for her paleontology research in the Arens Lab.

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September, 1999