Sun continues to support UCMP

“I believe what you are doing is right on target for what needs to happen on a broad scale for K-12.”
— Kim Jones, Vice President, Academic & Research Computing, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

These encouraging words are not the first compliments UCMP has received from Sun Microsystems. In fact, our history with Sun goes back quite some time. In 1992 in the basement of McCone Hall, a small room housed maps, field records, filing cabinets, and our first server donated by Sun Microsystems. That donation played a key role in our early entrance into the World Wide Web. Those were the days of gophers, WAIS, Mosaic, and experimenting with new technologies. Now with world-wide recognition, more than 3,000 pages of integrated text and images, and a vast and growing audience, the UCMP web site plays an essential role in our efforts to share our science with others.

  We would like to express our gratitude to Sun Microsystems for that initial investment in our efforts and for their continued support over the years. Their most recent donation, a Sun Enterprise 450 server, will not only enable us to explore new ways to enhance science teaching in the K-12 classroom, it will benefit all visitors to our web site. This top of the line server will allow us to process information at a much higher speed, run multiple tasks, and serve an even broader audience more efficiently. As Director Dave Lindberg reflected: “We have come a long way since the days of McCone Hall. The generosity and continued support by Sun Microsystems has been the engine that has allowed us to share the excitement and wonders of paleontology with more than a million visitors annually.” Thank you, Sun Microsystems, from all of us at UCMP.

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September, 1999