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We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Dorothy & Bill Clemens
Garland Dale Grisham
Katherine Hartsell
Stephen Hoffman
Mark Lindner
Steven A. Rocchi, O.D.
Skidmore Family
Ellen W. Barth
Joseph W. Huston
Barbara Judd
Donald R. Lindsay
Roland A. Gangloff
John W. Ruth
Hugh M. Wagner
E. Patrick Creehan, M.D.
Marian Gonzalez
Robert B. Hamilton
Marilyn Hanson
Sue Hoey
J.E. Mendelsohn
Todd R. Olson
Frank Perry
Wilma E. Russell
Herbert Schneider
Crosby Sperling
Scott W. Starratt
John & Mary Stirton
James F. Waters
Harold & Cecile Weaver
for Don Savage:
David and Joan Jenkins
Morton and Betty Green
Joseph T. Gregory
Nora E. Wagner
for Paul Wesendunk:
Craig A. Lyon
Chevron Matching Fund
Paul Robert Wesendunk passed away on June 8, 1999. At age 67, Paul was one of our most energetic volunteers. Following his retirement, Paul spent his time traveling to far off places and then returning to UCMP to share his adventures and to pick up another batch of microfossil slides to take home and curate. A Concord resident for 29 years, Paul attended UC Berkeley and worked as a geologist, micropaleontologist, and petrogropher at Chevron USA. He was also an avid bridge player. He will be sorely missed here at UCMP.

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September, 1999