Cal Day at UCMP

UCMP Cal Day 2006 Photos

On Saturday, April 22, UCMP held its annual open house in conjunction with Cal Day. The ever-popular "Fun With Fossils" activity attracted scores of budding paleontologists (no photos at present); UCMP preparator Jane Mason and her volunteers demonstrated how a fossil bone (a Tyrannosaurus rex femur) is removed from its field jacket; UCMP's Museum Scientists and student volunteers explained how biodiversity was affected by the major extinction event that occurred at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary; and UCMP tee shirts (the best bargain in the building!) went home with hordes of paleo-fans. Click on any photo to see a larger version. All photos taken by Jane Mason.

The Wallace Atrium fills up
It doesn't take long for VLSB's Wallace Atrium to fill with people. © 2006 UCMP
At the tee shirt table
Volunteer Sue Hoey and Assistant Director Judy Scotchmoor can barely keep up with the demand for UCMP tee shirts. © 2006 UCMP
Roy and Josh
Interim Director Roy Caldwell and webmaster Josh Frankel chat before it's time for Josh's shift at the tee shirt table. © 2006 UCMP
Preparing the T. rex femur
A crowd gathers to see a Tyrannosaurus rex femur emerge from its plaster jacket. © 2006 UCMP
The femur preparators
Volunteers (from left) Leah Silverman, Anneke Janzen, and Kathy Zoehfeld work on the femur. © 2006 UCMP
The inverts and plants tables in the Fishbowl
The Fishbowl display focused on "Biodiversity Across the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary." Here are the invertebrates (foreground) and plants tables. © 2006 UCMP
Dave Haasl and Jann Vendetti at the inverts table
Museum Scientist Dave Haasl (or is it Bela Lugosi?) and grad student Jann Vendetti tell visitors that cephalopods took a beating at the K/T boundary. © 2006 UCMP
Stephanie Stuart and volunters at the plants table
Stephanie Stuart and volunteers Christopher Suk-Young Cho and Bianca Knoll explain that ferns showed a huge increase following the K/T extinction event. © 2006 UCMP
Roy and Josh
A very pregnant Samantha Hopkins and grad student Sarah Amugongo describe the effects of the K/T extinction on vertebrates. In the background, Museum Scientist Ken Finger is ready to discuss the effects on microfossils. © 2006 UCMP

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