Gloria Maris

Instructions to Authors

Gloria Maris is the quarterly bulletin of The Belgian Society for Conchology. Except for a requirement of submitting manuscripts in English, there are no specific instructions for authors. Manuscripts may be submitted by non-members as well. The journal follows the standard format of scientific papers, accepting photographs in black and white, as well as colour.


Manuscripts should be sent to the editor: A. Delsaerdt, Stationstraat 10, 3200 Aarschot, Belgium, tel +32 16 561970

Subscription and Membership

Subscription is by membership of The Belgian Society for Conchology. 1995 rate is BFR 850 to be sent as postal money order , travelers cheque or Eurocheque to L. Steppe (Belg. Soc. Conch.), Prins Boudewijnlaan 142, 2610 Wilrijk (Antwerp), Belgium

Additional information is available from the secretary: Robin De Roover, Vorsterlaan 7, 2180 Ekeren-Donk, Belgium, tel+fax +32 3 6443429