Authors' Instructions from Molluscan Journals

This compilation of "Instructions for Authors" from malacological journals provides an easy reference to authors' instructions as well as information on subscription. The list will be updated regularly, and is open to additions, including journals from other fields (palaeontology, biochemistry etc.), carrying occasional papers on malacology.

Please submit additions, updates, corrections, and suggestions to Claus Hedegaard (, Museum of Paleontology, Valley Life Sciences Building, University of California, Berkeley, California 94704, USA.

Abalone News

American Malacological Bulletin

Archiv fuer Molluskenkunde

Bollettino Malacologico

Bulletin of the Institute of Malacology

Gloria Maris



Journal of Medical and Applied Malacology

Journal of Molluscan Studies

Journal of Shellfish Research

Malacological Review


Molluscan Research


North Pacific Shells



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