Abalone News

Abalone News is an informal newsletter and it is recommend that contents are not cited as references. Information is printed 'as is', but the editor takes the liberty to cut down non-abalone-relevant information in longer contributions. Abalone News is also open for 'infomercials', industry relevant informations such as job offers and discussion of new products. There is no formal advertising section.


Daniel Geiger, USC - AHF 233, Los Angeles, California 90089-0371, USA, e-mail dgeiger@scf.usc.edu.


Current circulation of Abalone News is approximately 100 and is sent to 6 continents.. Subscription fee is US$ 10.00 per year, including postage to anywhere. Please direct inquiries to Susan McBride, UCCE Sea Grant, 2 Commercial Street, Suite 4, Eureka, California 95501, USA. Fax +1 707 4453901, e-mail scmcbride@ucdavis.edu