MicroPaleo: an electronic bulletin board for micropaleontology.

MicroPaleo is an electronic bulletin board for micropaleontology run by the Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley. Its purpose is to foster fruitful discussions and exchange useful information quickly and efficiently. You are invited to contribute anything that you think might be informative or helpful about the subject of micropaleontology, its practitioners, journals, societies, etc. You may request information, samples, specimens, or other materials on MicroPaleo. Students are especially welcome to take part in the bulletin board, and professionals should encourage undergraduate and graduate students to subscribe. Please also inform micropaleontologists in general of MicroPaleo in case they might like to join.

If you wish, you may introduce yourself with a brief statement about yourself and your micropaleontological interests. This is especially useful for newcomers to the field to inform us, but even old-timers should say a few words about their current interests and research topics. Please use MicroPaleo for comments that would interest micropaleontologists broadly. Specific responses to individuals should be addressed directly to them, unless you believe the entire group would like to see them. Comments about ways to improve this service should be addressed to Jere H. Lipps at jlipps@uclink4.berkeley.edu.

To subscribe, send the following to majordomo@listlink.berkeley.edu:

In the text field, type: SUBSCRIBE MICROPALEO.

That's it. You will get an automatic acknowledgement of your subscription. You then can receive notes.

Please post messages and comments by sending them to micropaleo@listlink.berkeley.edu.

To cancel your subscription, send the following to the majordomo@listlink.berkeley.edu:

In the text field type: UNSUBSCRIBE MICROPALEO.