Apes, monkeys, and you

Chimpanzee. Photo by Gerald and Buff Corsi, © 2002 California Academy of Sciences.

The primates include the most familiar of the placental mammals, because they include us, Homo sapiens. Primates also include familiar animals, such as the chimpanzees, gorillas, and monkeys, as well as the somewhat less familiar lemurs, lorises, galagos, pottos, sifakas, indris, aye-ayes, and tarsiers.

We're sorry that we don't yet have a proper exhibit on primates, but we've received so many requests for information that we have provided links below to some on-line resources on primates and paleoanthropology.

More primate information:

The UCMP Vertebrate Type Collection has extensive holdings of fossil primates. Use the search term "Primates".

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