Using the Web Lift

The UCMP Web Lift to Taxa is an index to the exhibits in our Phylogeny Wing.

The upper window contains a list of major groups of life. Selecting one of these goups will display a list of subgroups at left, listed alphabetically not phylogenetically.

Selecting an item from a list will take you to its exhibit. Selecting a bold item from the left window will display a list of subgroups in the right-hand window. An item listed in capitals and BOLD will display a list in the left-hand window -- these are groups too large to simply list here at right.

We have used scientific names throughout this index, with common names in parentheses. This has been done to avoid the confusion of multiple common names, and because many groups (particularly fossils) have no common names.

If you would prefer to use the old version of this page, which is presented as a table, you are welcome to do so.