Searching the UCMP site

There are two helpful tools for finding things on the UCMP site.

1. Use the Google search box.

If the Google search box (shown below) is not available at the bottom of the page you're viewing, use the search box at the bottom of the home page.

2. Use the Web Lift Bar.

This icon bar allows you to access several popular features of the site from any page where it appears.

Click to choose any of the items on the bar, described below.

  • "home" — returns you to our homepage.

  • "tree of life" — takes you to a list of links to all groups of living things which currently have an exhibit on our server.

  • "time periods" — brings up a list of links to the geologic eras, periods, and ages with exhibits on this server.

  • "topics" — provides a topical listing of exhibits arranged by theme. For instance, if you want to know which marine invertebrates currently have exhibits at UCMP, you can find out using the Topical Index.

  • "glossary" — brings up several volumes of definitions, organized by topic, with links to pages with additional information.

  • "help" — takes you to our Help page, with links to information about our site, and how it is organized.

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