Allen Collins began this glossary project that seeks to provide basic information related to Paleobiology during May and June of 1995.

Brian Speer added pages on biochemical and cellular terms used on this server, 18 July and 27 July 1995.

Ben Waggoner expanded the cellular and zoological pages on 13 August 1995.

Ben Waggoner and Brian Speer created the infrastructural pages on 10 August 1995.

Rob did some minor editing, and added some text.

Brian Speer added the ecology volume on 18 October 1995.

Ben Waggoner and Brian Speer added the zoology volume on 26 November 1995.

Allen Collins added the geology volume on December 6, 1995.

Brian Speer added the botany volume on 12 February 1996.

Brian Speer added the life history volume on 27 September 1998.

Colleen Whitney converted the glossary to update dynamically from a database (September, 2003).

Sarah Rieboldt added the Paleogeography glossary, and added and updated numerous terms in other sections of the glossary (October 2003).